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CNET Top 5 iPhone Apps | Posted on: Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Until you have these, you ain’t got apps on your iPhone.

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Thursday, September 16th, 2010
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  • Lo Pasco says:

    no fruit ninja?

  • Hersheyzz102 says:

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  • robert nichols says:

    they took it off the apps store, android still has it though you’d expect that,the little green robots got hard core filth

  • Bob Williams says:

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  • ridoy91 says:

    wtf where is fruit ninja

  • 100adit says:


  • temperthompson says:


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  • Shannon Freda says:

    Anyone tried the iPhonezilax Secrets (search on google)? I have heard many great things about it and my mate get his first iphone apps made without any programming experience at all with it.

  • bk4u24708 says:

    Why do they pick an apple hater to do this video

  • RandomBkh says:

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  • EnioCorrizzato says:

    any app. you just google the apps name with .apk at the end or go on
    4shared from your phone and download and instal

  • 95shameless says:

    thanks for the spoiler

  • xAzuro says:


  • c00ki3b33 says:

    fuck angry birds. TEMPLE RUN IS THE SHIT!!!!! 😀

  • zXNOCTURNXz says:

    hmmm whats the app with the watermelons?? i want that one!

  • Zeegoner says:

    just another android fanboy…did 2:17 have ANYTHING to do with the
    video?….iphone is better than Android, period…Better apps = better
    phone….Who gives a shit if you can change your fucking layout? I’ve got
    better apps than you which means I have more fun with my phone. People who
    support the argument of Android > iphone is just too poor to afford the

  • doonator93 says:

    The only reason iPhone users get more paid apps is about 70% of android
    users don’t know how to pay for them through android it is the farthest
    thing from intuitive I have ever seen!yes this it is from my iPhone 4S and
    yes I am a serious apple fan boy but before my iPhone I had android phones
    and never did I get a paid app successfully

  • ladertadef says:

    If you still don`t have iPhone 5 check out:\k55ge

  • ottawadrummer says:

    #4 is a horrible choice.

  • kykynick1 says:

    @KattyKatrinaFu not every game is for every one in my opinion I’m kinda
    disagreeing because to me it’s supposed to be an adicting game not
    necessarily a really fun amazing game is proudly powered by WordPress
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