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Jonathan Coulton – Christmas Is Interesting | Posted on: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Jonathan Coulton is joined onstage by Paul and Storm for a Christmas song. Recorded live at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA, December 17, 2006.

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
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  • TotzthePlaid says:

    It’s a reference to the Rankin-Bass “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Herbie’s an Elf who’d rather be a dentist, and both the square-wheeled train and jam-shooting squirtgun are residents of the Island of Misfit Toys.

  • TotzthePlaid says:

    This song was on the album “Smoking Monkey” from 2003. Thing a Week started in the Autumn of 2005. He had as much time as he wanted to put this one together.

  • TotzthePlaid says:

    Nahh. Weird Al is still the Weird Al. JoCo doesn’t do song parodies, and that’s the majority of Yankovic’s fame. I’d say that JoCo is more the new TMBG/BnL with their mix of quirky and deeply emotional songs.

  • TotzthePlaid says:

    “Maybe you’re a squirtgun who only shoots jam\/ Now you know how Jesus feels”

    Best couplet on Smoking Monkey!
    (The opening couplet from “Ikea” is second, and also the best opening couplet to any song ever.)

  • Robert Johansson says:

    So fucking love jonathan coulton!!

  • KenTelevision says:

    I know I know can’t you see citizen Kane singing the chorus, LOL!

  • KenTelevision says:

    Oh my god! It’s a Christmas miracle! Look Emo Teeny-bopper, Look Hard-Rock Messiah, look modern glamor Diva! Folk songs do exist! Yes Virginia there are modern bards!

  • BeckyRoo100 says:

    ‘like a stick in your eye’


  • AtrumExcessum says:

    darkriftwalker, you might be reading into them a bit much. He was making a song every weak and while funny and well written, there probably was not a ridiculous amount of metaphorical thought put into it.

  • brodieboy255 says:

    And stigmata

  • drippingyellowmadnes says:

    Way to go with the tropes reference! Christmas is definitely interesting, but it’s still one of my favorite times of the year.

  • mohawkworrior3 says:

    he should try out for last comic standing

  • darkriftwalker says:

    Oh, they do make perfect sense. The thing is, it’s about Christmas tropes, metaphors, and complex literary references.

    Also Christmashate, and the various ACTUAL interesting facts about same: Hell, suicide rates doubling is STATISTICALLY interesting.

    Another potential point for the song: Interesting does not equal GOOD.

  • Rafeki97 says:

    i think it refers to disappointment

  • p0nette says:

    i don’t understand all the reference, but i love this song 😀

  • phishwithextracheese says:

    Yep, thats christmas alright

  • bubamaramama says:

    Actually the wife recieves hair combs; not the kind to comb with, the kind
    you put in the hair to decorate and hold it. Love that story.

  • Brett L says:

    whats the jesus part amean about a squirt gun that only shoots jam?

  • John Lopp says:

    You know, there was some lady laughing when he said that…

  • ladyfuchsia says:

    Awesome! It’s brilliant to see Paul and Storm with Jonathan Coulton live –
    especially since I’ve never seen it in the flesh! Thanks for uploading. 🙂 is proudly powered by WordPress
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