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Updated – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog | Posted on: Friday, August 12th, 2011

Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration. Become a blogger in less than and hour. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started. Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy! All of you have been asking me to update my step-by-step tutorial on how to use as a blogging platform — please check it out and please let me know what I have missed.

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Friday, August 12th, 2011
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  • AizhamalMarat says:

    It was hilarious, especially the singing part.

  • Sherwood Brownlow says:

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  • Steve Pacheco says:

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  • Pasindu Weerasinghe says:

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  • Dollie Swartwood says:

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  • Jadma Mesquita says:

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  • Derrick Thorington says:

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  • Rey Mendoza says:

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  • vicheth seang says:

    yes thank you I Like 🙂

  • Chris Abraham says:

    @HowToUseWordPress I appreciate it!

  • Chris Abraham says:

    @MrHill760 You’re welcome!

  • Chris Abraham says:

    @21centuryg If you search the plugins for “poll” it is pretty easy.

  • Chris Abraham says:

    @wkwithscottshimberg You’re surely welcome!

  • 21centuryg says:

    How do i put a poll on my wordpress blog?

  • coldsteel404 says:

    Awesome tutorial, however I’d love to see a 2X speed version of this :S
    Also, add that it doesn’t work on internet explorer, it does on firefox

  • saijai587 says:

    Thank you for tutorial about how to blog by wordpress. I like this software
    very much is proudly powered by WordPress
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