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CNET Prizefight: Xbox 360 Slim vs. Sony PS3 Slim | Posted on: Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

We’re bringing back another classic battle for game console supremacy. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Slim brings an all-new design, but is it enough to take back the Prizefight crown from the Sony PS3. Let’s get it on!

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
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  • jmm246 says:

    well is there still any point to fight now because now you get to pay for psn

  • TheMagnusson123456 says:

    It would not be fair, the ps4 would rape the xbox one

  • Ishika Johari says:

    xbox 360 is the worst

  • Jarel Gordon says:

    The Ps3 has more then just using Blu Ray smart one. The Ps3 also has free
    online compared to charges for Xbox Live or Playstation Network Plus costs
    the same and gives free or discounted games, add ons, & automatic updates.
    Plus the PS3 has more and better exclusives while the 360 is low on
    exlcusives that’s why most of them are now being ported to the ps3. Im not
    going to waste 60 dollars per year to browse Netflix or Youtube on 360.
    When I can just browse it for free on my PS3

  • Aditya Mohanachandran says:

    I bought both the xbox 360 slim and the ps3 super slim.i like the ps3 a lot
    more than the xbox 360 because the xbox 360 slim still has the red dot of
    death.The say the xbox slim doesnt have the rrod but it does.

  • Wasee Chow says:

    Create a video with ps3 super slim vs xbox 360 super slim.

  • Thunderspeed10000 says:

    Next up on prizefight: PS4 vs. Xbox One

  • gamerboy496 says:

    ps3 iz the best

  • Waffle62097 says:

    not really anything good about it, wouldnt you say, bitch?

  • theunchartedmen says:

    Oh stop doing that dude. Stop trying to act like my comments are plain
    nonsense. ppl on youtube always do that. Now come up with something to be
    worth commenting back about.

  • Waffle62097 says:

    wait was i suppose to be offended? ok tell me when to start.

  • Waffle62097 says:

    lmao wow dude

  • theunchartedmen says:


  • theunchartedmen says:

    Was that supposed to insult me. because it didn’t make any sense.

  • Osmel Artiaga says:

    Ps3 is the best

  • TheCrazyfruitbat says:

    Lol no problem

  • TheCrazyfruitbat says:

    No someone posted that to me, I just pasted what they replied to me with
    and I laughed because they believe 360 can play blurays. So no im not

  • Ps3broSnake says:

    good games on xbox thats not on ps3: Gears of war judgement, halo 4, forza
    horizon, minecraft, fruit ninja, plants vs zombies, fable 3, perfect dark
    zero, the gunstringer, naruto, saints row 1, Trials evolution, crack down
    and many kinect games that i didn’t include

  • TheCrazyfruitbat says:

    Not according to metacritic and user scores. Otherwise lbp wouldn’t of
    beaten it or uncharted 2 lol. Killzone 2 scored higher. So that’s your

  • sufayan ali says:

    guys stop fighting like bitches, ps3 and xbox both have good points and bad
    points, xbox with a better controller and xbox live which is worth the
    money, however ps3 with its graphics and exclusive games, honestly its down
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