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CNET Tech Review: Savor the sophisticated taste of Editors’ Choice | Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010

This week on the CNET Tech Review, Gateway and Logitech earn Editors’ Choice Awards; Frash puts Flash on your iPad; Prizmo scans text into your iPhone; and don’t bother learning how to pronounce Eton Soulra. Watch it now at:

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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  • youbeat2008 says:

    I know, Security Essentials is one of the best.

  • gamezfan says:

    440!!!!???? for a 12 year old!!!?? im almost 16 and roughly get 200 for the next 1 and a half years! i appreciate what i do get though:]

  • aed101144 says:

    ram is also knowen as storage. loser.

  • Craydon says:

    Anti virus software is he only thing I’ve always been willing to pay for… that said I get mine free from my isp.
    Alienware is dell, no thanks… Oh and it sucks.

  • patsybob says:

    480 dollars, dam what shit! costs about 150 pounds for uniform, then 15 for a school bag, 20 for pens and stuff, then about 30 for your books! thats only 215 dont know where they get 440 from unless they include a ipod as a back to school item 😛 lolz how about just taking a picture and read it off the screen !

  • VideoGamePlayer12 says:

    3rd party antivirus? This is windows were talking about, here. Security essentials has been rated very highly by the likes of PC World and Maximum PC. Its free, all you need is a genuine copy of Windows.

  • doomtomb3 says:

    Molly Wood. Really. You think the innovative idea of an outdoor, durable, battery powered ipod boombox with a solar charger deserves to be called “The Bad”? What stink train did you just fall off of. It’s 4 hours charge without the sun, you get 50% more charge from SOLAR POWER. If you knew anything you would know that solar power is hardly power but it helps! And kudos to them for a great idea! And “cruddy” audio quality? He didn’t say it was that bad and what do you expect from battery power!

  • PinnacleTech says:

    Editors Choice FTW… Oh, and her name is Molly WOOD ha

  • doomtomb3 says:

    7:40 the dumb Asian said “and 6 gigabytes of storage”
    Memory (RAM) is NOT STORAGE!

  • fordfreak521 says:

    microsoft security essentials is better than avast

  • James Park says:

    they should of tested the laptop’s graphics with portal. that game caused
    my friend’s computer monitor driver to crash.

  • Eden Molina says:

    I got an iPad and an iMac.

  • McDonalds825 says:

    @blackknight5050 Mass Effect 2

  • ruben cortes says:


  • combobasha says:

    i’m not a nerd, but i love this channel 😀

  • Gareth Domingo says:

    he has a funny voice… you know who I am talking about.

  • Vahag Andreasyan says:

    wtf omg that women with her stupid jokes wtf she isnt funny xD wtf is her
    problem !!

  • TheKidkayoz says:

    @wackman25 omg please dont start a new# shout out. I beg you.

  • Ryan Austin says:


  • LolAtYou2ube says:

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