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Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Parody | Posted on: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Someone sent us this awesome Parody video merging Dr. Who and Star Wars.  For the most part we loved it, although we were a little sad that Tom Baker and the other early doctor’s didn’t make the cut, but at least they got the last three in there. Still though, can anything be a Dr. Who Parody without Tom Baker and a bohemian scarf? Give it a watch and see what you think.

THANK YOU DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE FOR THE MENTION! And Tom Bird For telling us about it! Here is a snap of the final shot – Lots of people asked for the JUST the final shot, so here it is enjoy… A few months ago, Chris Johnson, a buddy of mine from Facebook, had come up with the idea of mixing “Doctor Who” and “Star Wars”. He got very busy, so I decided to pick up the mantle. I hope you enjoy it. Think of it as an early holiday gift to all of you. Make sure you stay for the credits, there’s some extra moments in there, plus it gives me a chance to thank everyone who worked on it. Plus here is a great Theatrical Poster Chris made for the video – Here are some facts about the video – 55GB In Disk Space 2500+ files in 47 folders 28 Afer effects projects 7 Particle Illusion Files 57 After Effects Rendered Files 99 Dialog Files (Including R2’s Language Files) 10 Music Files 1465 Image Files 28 Rotoscope Shots 127 Rotoscope Shapes 519 Sound Effects 240 Video Files 120 Sony Vegas Files 107 Total Shots 50 Effect Shots 482 Sample Renders 2 People Directly Involved With Production 3 Consultants 48 Production Days 640 Production Man Hours 1100 Rendering Hours

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
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  • Joanna Deerfield says:

    Obi Wan falling from the tractor beam control unit lolol.

    Also, uploaded in 2010 and here we see all old Doctors lined up like at the
    end of the 50th Anniversary episode, i wonder if Moffatt got the idea from
    here lol.

  • jameskid00 says:

    when the tardis blew up I would expect it to look more like a supernova not
    like a firework going off in crappy wooden shed

  • The Seventh Professor says:

    The Last Great Star War

  • thomas fluskey says:

    That would be cool for a cross over

  • kelly melton says:


  • kelly melton says:

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  • Sharrel Wright says:

    I loved this

  • Andrew Chapman says:

    OMG!! Paul Sibbald sounded just like Alec Guinness. I actually thought that
    was Alec’s voice. Of course I was thinking “But he said ‘TIME LORD
    entanglements’. So how could that possibly be his voice?”. Then I saw the
    end credits and thought “Oh, it wasn’t his voice”. So there was me
    fooled. I noticed an alternative take of the Tenth Doctor saying “I don’t
    want to go”. And an unused shot of him regenerating. Excellent work.

  • Ash Digginam says:

    Rick, we’re all with you on this one. Except maybe the few who aren’t who,
    as I’ve just said, aren’t. Aren’t they? No, they’re not. But apart from
    them, Rick, we’re all with you on this one. Except maybe for the… (Repeat
    several million times).

  • Chase Reilley says:

    Please make this a thing! It needs to be a real thing!

  • Kelvington says:

    With a lot of help, and a great deal of time.

  • Matthew McManus says:

    How do you make this stuff

  • scifiriot says:

    Well, like we said in the video it was tough to narrow down this category, but your video was not only imaginative and entertaining, it featured great touches like spot on voice over and a ridonculous amount of technical work (all that rotoscoping!). In the end, this video clearly deserved the top spot.

  • Kelvington says:

    Wow, thanks so much! We are honoured and humbled by this! Glad you enjoyed the video!

  • Edidtsa Santa Cruz says:


  • scifiriot says:

    Congrats! Your Doctor Who meets Star Wars video made #1 on our Top 5 Doctor Who Videos list, being named the best Doctor Who video on YouTube!
    We annotated a link in our video, and provided additional links to you in both the video description and in a separate playlist on our channel. Hopefully this continues to help new audiences find your work. Thanks for making this, and grats again! is proudly powered by WordPress
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