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Genesis Child Theme | Posted on: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

 The Genesis Child Theme

Designed to work with the RoloPress Theme.
Turn WordPress into an Open Source CRM.
For use with NEW installs of RoloPress Only.
(Download Here)



RoloPress is one of the most inventive themes ever designed for WordPress. But we wanted to go a step further and give it a different look and more capabilities. Fortunately the developers designed RoloPress to be easily modified by designing it to use a Child theme to handle the bulk of the visual layout. We leveraged this feature to create our own Child Theme based on feedback from our users.

The result is a new look for your CRM and some heavily requested features.

The most noticeable addition is a custom tabbed menu above the main area. This allows you to streamline the navigation without changing the menu on the top.

We’ve also added an instant search feature to the top search bar which eliminates the need to load a search results page. The same feature was added to the first and last name fields on the add contact form, helping to eliminate duplicates for people already entered.

Support has also been added for the WP-Navi WordPress PlugIn, giving you the ability to add page numbers and a quick jump menu.

A feature was also added to help prevent users from seeing contacts entered by other users unless they are an administrator with the correct role.

The Genesis Child Theme also changes the names of the default Roles to; Administrator, Corporate, Manager, User and Limited. In most cases typical users are prevented from visiting the admin area unless they are an Administrator, Corporate or Manager level user.

Standard RoloPress Theme
RoloPress with Genesis Child Theme installed
and toolbar activated,.

What’s WordPress?

  • WordPress is an open source php based application primarily used to manage content on a website. It has a wide base of developers and has thousands of open source PlugIns and themes designed for it. Community support for WordPress is growing and it has quickly become a standard tool for many Internet Development Firms.


What’s RoloPress?

  • RoloPress is a theme designed for WordPress that turns blog posts into contact records. The developers have created a strong framework that can be expanded by using the native PlugIn abilities in WordPress. It also allows you to create Child Themes that can be combined with PlugIns to create a customized contact management system.
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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
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