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Loaded: 3D TVs without the glasses | Posted on: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

YouTube’s faster mobile site is available worldwide, A teaser of the Samsung Galaxy Tab gives more details, and Toshiba is coming out with new 3DTVs that don’t require glasses.

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
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  • bmw2go11 says:

    the ultra-gay image search, and now THIS!!!!???!?!

  • ruben cortes says:

    @4N0NYM0U557 atually… if u type in por the first thing that comes up is
    purtugal… im just sayin

  • Eric P says:

    mmm i love

  • plagick says:

    You know I didn’t have to use 3D glasses to see those 3D pictures at the
    mall in the 90’s . Can you imagine what a douche the guy who buys a 3D T.V.
    now to looks so cool but “ooh yeah you’ve got to wear glasses. I got this
    when they first came out … yeah these glasses were like $150 a pair. ”
    It’s too early dudes. Don’t be a douche.

  • tenmuterrr says:

    Lol.. I went to Korea a month ago and there were already 3d tv’s that don’t
    require glasses. They also look stunningly realistic so.. yeahhh

  • KissesLoveKawaii says:

    3D can suck donkey dick! there is no way i’m spending money on stupid tv
    than makes my eyes hurt.

  • NorthwestBudz says:

    @Origamimaster321 fuck that, for the PS3 its going to be insane!!!!!! just
    imagine any game in 3D, for instance call of duty, imagine killing everyone
    in 3D while your high as fuck!! hahahaha

  • Origamimaster321 says:

    3d must die soon!

  • Gaobdgao says:

    @iLiekMesos the next one will be without tv..just a projector which will
    show LIVE Motion picture…you will see people walking around inside your

  • Stackcritic says:

    @iLiekMesos or even three. three years ago was when the first iphone came

  • zombiecarrot says:

    holograms!!! end is near repent!!!

  • Sypran says:

    @iLiekMesos ahh what was it before HD? plasma big screen TVs? and surround
    sound if i recall but I may be wrong

  • mightymelee says:

    @SpriteTechs lol it hasn’t changed for like 4-5 months xD

  • Edoardocan says:

    @SpriteTechs new? it hasnt changed in almost 4 months dip shit!

  • SpriteTechs says:


  • artawesome says:

    is it me or are these companies forcing 3D on the public?

  • trevor holdham says:

    @computerdl That’s like telling a girl “I’d call you fat, but you look like
    you’re insecure.”

  • Fusion says:

    OK well see.

  • costellom5 says:

    the google thing ,i find it stupid and non valid. and who cares about’ll be the same crappy audio player with lot more stuff that don’t
    envolve music

  • Flizzelz says:

    @computerdl LOL is proudly powered by WordPress
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