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Loaded: All Apple news | Posted on: Monday, September 13th, 2010

A new streaming Apple TV arrives with Netflix as predicted, iOS 4.1 comes with HDR photography and GameCenter, and new iPod Nanos drop the iconic clickwheel.

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Monday, September 13th, 2010
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  • Oskar Karrera says:

    Apple please take your SWEET ASS TO VERIZON PLEASE !
    Thank you

  • Andrew Berry says:

    Fuck that. They monopolize enough as it is

  • Mauricio Sepulveda says:

    As a owner of Ipod Nano 4th Gen I must that is one amazing device that is definently on my wish list for next years christmas just beautiful.

  • Mauricio Sepulveda says:

    U go man finally somebody is that is not apple hater!

  • Marius Alexander says:

    Uhm, iped?

  • miangel9058 says:

    BTW, the iTouch, a well deserved improvement and big bonus, it felt like an overdue update, I guess that they waited ’till the end to make the iTouch closer to the iPhone with camera now and a mic

  • miangel9058 says:

    What the hell Apple, wht happened with the nano, they took the vamera and put it on the iTouch, and made it smaller, might as well call it the new Shuffle and kill the shuffle u got now, plus removing video on it too…
    FAIL, big time

  • Manuel Lopez says:

    ur stupid the key note was bad except for the itouch and shuffle, nano is stupid its a shuffle with a touch screen and for way more money. Apple tv 99 is a rip off u can get wdtv or boxee box witch supports more formats, plus renting is dumb i want to keep my content. the social network maybe passable just to find out when ur artist brings out new music. new icon ugly looks like a kid made it. Why did they not make a change to the classic like a bigger screen wtf apple

  • 300k20 says:

    still behind though

  • militia56 says:

    Why the fuck i need a camera on the Nano! thats why you should get an iPod Touch.

  • Manuel Lopez says:

    he just said pictures haha

  • TheAppleReviewGuy says:

    It’s thursday

  • Po Russki says:

    it those take pictures

  • gamezfan says:

    im guessing it’s kinda common sense to know that just from looking at it, idk :b

  • SEDILEXRE5 says:


  • Breez onthemoon says:

    the new ipod touch is ios 4.0.2 so dont get it if you want to jailbreak it. unless you know how to downgrage it which they might have blocked you from doing

  • patsybob says:

    but look at the nano, its lost its video camera hows that stepping up the game? how under-whelming is ping as a social networking site, its not bringing anything new, its seems like a novelty add-on for itunes.Apple did well with their iphone&ipod touch, but look at the ipod shuffle it went backwards to get the click wheel (not new) Apples new update isnt so good more like backwards or catch up when it came to the nano and shuffle! and to mention ping as a novelty-add on!

  • ramirezcesar55 says:

    He did not mention that new iPod is slimer

  • Needarb says:

    The nano sucks… OMG a touch screen! but no video…or camera…and no games…

  • Daniele Debattista says:

    same here 🙂 is proudly powered by WordPress
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