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Loaded: AMD drops the ATI brand | Posted on: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Rumors suggest that Apple will unveil a significantly smaller iPod Nano sans a clickwheel, YouTube may get movie rentals, and AMD is nixing the ATI brand best known for its Radeon graphics chips.

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
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  • dzilla91 says:

    AMD FTW!!!!

  • Aelfredus26 says:

    Christs man… ATi died when AMD bought it. The successful 5000 series were AMD doing.

  • Psych0D0gM4n says:

    Lol I just hate AMD CPU’s because out of 3 I Bought 2 where DOA.. But Ati is just awesome never had any problems with it.. Just hate AMD now to for dropping the ATI Brandname..

  • Snawklakl says:

    if amd suck than ati have to suck to ati is now amd deal with it

  • Aelfredus26 says:

    ATi = AMD. They are the same guys, nvidiot.

  • Psych0D0gM4n says:

    Lol no he is right AMD Sucks.. ATI WINS

  • NovaTechLive says:

    nope, it will just be called AMD Radeon, I made a video going into more detail then this one did on my channel

  • keigan74 says:

    who needs amd, amd wants to just be in apples computer, apple will just go with nvidia

  • Aelfredus26 says:

    shut up Nvidia fanboy.

  • megamindstorm101 says:

    its true that generally when things change they get more annoying. but what is also true is that after a while once they start going then they get better.

    however in this case this isnt like AMD is suddenly buying ATI they have owned the company for a long time and all I see is a name change. like when pick’n’save changed its name to biglots. from what I see it didnt really get worse with a name change all it is is a new name.

  • Craydon says:

    I operate under the rule of thumb that any corporate change ruins everything. Think the merging of gmail with youtube, that damn grey bar or tv shows that add a new character. As far as I’m concerned I’m getting out of dodge of the great gazoo.

  • megamindstorm101 says:

    you still can they just changed the name and ati will be here for a while before they fully change the name.

  • megamindstorm101 says:

    no your card will just be called “amd radeon” instead of “ati radeon” it will still be there just a different name. personally I like the ati name and logo more than amd 😛

  • FrosChannel says:

    Fail AMD. Epic FAIL.

  • RedmanATI says:

    There not dropping the card they are just changing the name

  • sync380 says:

    OH GOD OH GOD! Does this mean Nvidia owns the GPU market now…Well there goes all innovation with 0 competition.

    Also what is this “buy” Google speaks of regarding movies

  • reck101101 says:

    what I want, is something called CUDA but Advanced Micro Device style.

  • Craydon says:

    I guess it really is nvidia or nothing.

  • Douche Snozzle says:

    I had plans of building an AMD/ATi gaming rig 🙁

  • Manuel Lopez says:

    @necoconecochan nope because it has a screen its in between shuffle and
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