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Loaded: BlackBerry Torch on the horizon | Posted on: Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Microsoft announces Office for Mac 2011 pricing and release date, CBS is in negotiations to join Hulu Plus, and Research In Motion announces a new a BlackBerry.

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010
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  • Travis Ciortan says:

    I’m pretty sure that if the iPhone was on verizon, sprint, and tmobile as well as AT&T like android phones, the iPhone would sell way more than android. Same with blackberry.

  • jchem says:

    LOL @ apple fanboy when they generalize and say words like “beats”. the only thing the iphone is number one is at having sheep that will buy anything jobs says you must have,even if its a pile of shit that has the apple logo, apple fanboy will spread his ass cheeks get fucked and ask for seconds.both DroidX and Evo are far superior phones than the iphone4.

  • adrianroam95 says:

    apple has 1 phone 🙂

  • 90henry says:

    when is it coming to canada?

  • markbyrn says:

    The dude looks like he’s going to fall asleep.

  • deltasworder1x says:

    Good job Jeff! everyone seems to not like the unexpected host change for the moment. but i dont ^.^ it’s great to see ya moving around.

  • Edoardocan says:

    Who the hell are you!?

  • Up2150cJoe says:


  • Mohd Adli Md Ali says:

    he seriously need a makeover

  • Colby Hendricks says:

    Could this guy act likes he gives a fuck?

  • jmurphrocks15 says:

    Wow, the total sales of 20 phones have finally overtaken a single phone! What an accomplishment! Androids are clearly blowing iPhones out of the water. (I hope the lower IQ android users can detect a hint of sarcasm in this quip)

  • itsstefpapadopoulos says:

    Well think about it 1 iPhone 100s of androids! Took a while for them to pass apple lol!

  • George Garcia says:

    who the fuck is this guy

  • cladimere says:


  • NhanInk says:

    hes the editor in cnet for video games and he hosts the cnet 404 podcast! and hes awesome!

  • MacintoshUser1986 says:

    Exactly, Apple currently only sells two models of it’s phone so this really don’t matter. With only two phones compared to the probably couple dozen Android devices Apple being so close to Android is still amazing. 

    I miss Natalie! 🙁

  • wackman25 says:

    ya android!!

  • JesusRuelas92 says:

    @Stackcritic This is a BB video don’t post irrelevant stuff on videos your
    comments do not belong in.

  • cladimere says:

    yeah lol who is this random guy

  • Stackcritic says:

    android sells better than iphone but android is on many different phones
    while iphone is just 1 phone is proudly powered by WordPress
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