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Loaded: Google, Verizon in tiered-Net traffic talks | Posted on: Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Google is shutting down its real-time messaging system known as Google Wave, the iPhone dev team releases a carrier unlock for jailbroken iPhones, and Google and Verizon are apparently near a deal to pay for tiered Web traffic in a blow to Net neutrality.

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010
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  • neverfearchrisishere says:

    Verizon has a largely government authorized monopoly over communication infrastructure in much of America – this in itself isn’t a problem providing they aren’t allowed to abuse this position…. as they are planning too. It is not the monopoly that is the problem, it’s the use/abuse of the monopoly to gain huge advantage in other related business – such as, say, only allowing video streaming from their partner Google who pays them for the privilege .

  • 903harman says:

    what i dont understand is who gives the rights to google and verizon to buy the internet?!

  • bweazel says:

    Haha. What part of what I said is wrong then? If you’re so educated that is. Go ahead. That or you can go fuck yourself 😉

  • 903harman says:

    you fuking idiot, stfu you dont know what your talking about!
    this is going to affect everyone!

  • 903harman says:

    yay google destory what has made you what you are… im officially going to quit the internet once bullshit like this starts. then there marketing fuking shit is going to go down, whatever they think there going to do to make money. i hate how they hav ads everywhere now this isnt fucking tv!

  • bweazel says:

    Oh grow up. Chrome is still a great browser, and Google is still a great company. This is just a business deal that has nothing to do with you (or any of us) at all. Google’s ISP wanted a piece of google’s cake, and rightfully so. You can’t just continue to lay the burden on your supply chain without cutting the supply chain some money to upgrade. Google probably realized this. That’s all this is, it’s not like they betrayed you or anything, so again, grow up, think about the real issues.

  • bweazel says:

    Google being against net neutrality surprises me. You would think they’d want to buy out one of the tier 1’s. Which if you really think about it, is why the telecoms are trying to charge more for the data traveling through their lines. They really don’t care too much what type of data it is, there is plenty of capacity, they care more about how much money is flowing through their lines, and they want a piece, google was unwilling to share. Seems the telecoms finally flexed their muscle though

  • Bojaxs says:

    I’m dumping chrome. Firefox, here I come!

  • drl15son says:

    AT&T and Sprint Will have a field day with Verizon. This will back-fire on Google and Verizon. I am changing my search engine right now, and I will never buy anything from Verizon.

  • MiKikaIwaShizaru says:

    Google + Verizon
    “Buh-Bye Verizon ISP, don’t let the phone hit you on the way out (that I am THROWING at you!)…”

    Also, don’t Google, use Ixquick, or Duck Duck Go or Cuil etc.
    (If you must, Scroogle instead of Googling…)

  • donaghnorth says:

    Diana vickers on adds for cnet tv!!! :O you sexy bitch diana!! im donagh north and diana you just been loaded 😉

  • goldtones says:

    Google’s motto was “Don’t be Evil?” If I knew that I never would have kept my gmail account this long.

  • Laoch111 says:

    Yes! This is capitalism screwing things up yet again. What is Google thinking? The internet was created through sharing ideas and technology, this completely goes against that! is proudly powered by WordPress
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