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Loaded: Halo: Reach on Xbox Live | Posted on: Monday, August 30th, 2010

Google opens the Chrome Web Store to developers, a British ISP gives gamers preferential treatment, and Halo: Reach gets leaked on Xbox live.

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Monday, August 30th, 2010
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  • MrJoel397 says:

    @DTheHempfling And if you don’t practice your english skills on youtube, which is one of the many little things in life, you won’t have the mental pre-conditioning to do it everywhere. Me, I established that skill early in life. I applaud you for majoring in Writing, a worthy career goal, but you really don’t show it in your comments. I’d expect a writing major to know of the word facet. And I of course know that PS3 has its own Yellow Bar of Death, you’re just assuming I didn’t know that.

  • MrJoel397 says:

    @DTheHempfling So you’re saying you would play Mario, the very first game, if Halo had terrible gameplay but amazing graphics? Have fun with that. And believe it or not, simply reading a book every week or so can remarkably affect your vocabulary. Oh, and one more thing: You have fun playing Halo and getting the red ring of death, yes, the RRoD really makes the xbox worth it.

  • MrJoel397 says:

    And I meant that Sony does have a monopoly in all of that stuff. And I’m not a textbook either, I just read a LOT.

  • TheLastArmaDylan says:

    fan boy :L

  • NoSCopeKilluhz says:

    Actually, he is not BSing the 1st cinematic for the soon to be released Halo Reach has recently leaked you probably learned about it from ppl talking about this on their Twitter accounts. I can spare you some searchin because your probably lazy, you can watch it here. Simply copy n paste the URL right here
    I must admit I’m inpressed, it totally blew my mind haha. You should contact me on XBL if you wanna game, my ID is durdee6542

  • nepovjerenje says:

    I’m sorry I am not American, And I meant fan boy, because you wine and cry you don’t got it

  • BlahBlah5649 says:

    Xbox hackers piss me the hell off. Atleast they have been banned, so I
    don’t have to play with them.

  • MrJoel397 says:

    @Twighlighw0nder I’m not sure if you meant I don’t call xbox live users
    vulgar names, or if you don’t, but yeah, I’m at least respectful to their
    minds and don’t fill my comments with ridiculous profanity. Thank you for
    not using vulgarity, I applaud you for that. Feel free to respond, I enjoy
    a lively yet polite debate on the merits of both systems.

  • MrJoel397 says:

    @DTheHempfling And if you had even paid attention to the books they teach
    you in high school, you would know that the word ‘facet’ is another word
    that can be used in the place of the word face. Look it up in the
    dictionary. Be careful not to criticize me on my english; I almost never
    make mistakes. And I LOVE always being up to date. If video game companies
    halted research on new technology, we’d be stuck with petty graphics and
    poor gameplay, and I’d be looking for other points to argue.

  • LOLMcAdams says:

    @MrJoel397 Please leave. This is an Xbox video. You have a PS3. You are
    trying to demean the Xbox and promote the PS3. This is unneeded and you are
    making yourself look foolish. Do not bother responding to this because
    there is no logical explanation on why to keep up your ignorance. Good day,

  • Joey Zeitler says:

    @DTheHempfling your a dumb nigger faggot stupid son of a bitch justin
    bieber fucken bitch ass crack kunt jewish lesbian

  • BecuzIt says:

    @MrJoel397 I have both. Also a wii and a pimped out gaming PC. I, and all
    others like me, WIN the console war.

  • MrJoel397 says:

    @darkwoody2 Thank you, I’ll agree xbox has some good RPGs like Mass Effect.
    I prefer the ps3 to xbox though, but still, thanks for being good-natured
    with my opinion. That’s why I’m not having an argument with you like the
    one I’m having with DTheHempfling up there.

  • Neekatron says:

    @Glitchnez sometimes i feel sorry for sony, cus the only reason for this is
    cus of micorsofts INSANE amount of money


    it was actually 99,999 microsoft points… not 9,999, that would only be
    like 125 dollars.

  • ThaTruthsettingufree says:

    @TheMason7125 360’s failure rate is not 25% anymore we have now the slim

  • TheMason7125 says:

    who the fuck tries to spell right online u fukin nerd bahah

  • TheMason7125 says:

    @DTheHempfling or for people who like more graphically enhanced games! aka

  • sk8pirata says:

    @Glitchnez and PS3 has the most badass games

  • Glitchnez says:

    @sk8pirata Thats Why Xbox 360 is most prefered about HardCore and MLG
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