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Loaded: Netflix coming to Android | Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Google and Verizon release a proposal on Net neutrality, Microsoft’s Kinect may be able to read sign language, and Netflix could be coming to an Android phone soon.

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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  • Dr. S.W. Nemo says:

    @1onecalorie1 then your EVO isn’t a brick main your first comment invalid. Good day.

  • Dr. S.W. Nemo says:

    @1onecalorie1 Also, you coulda put a custom rom that supports netflix if you find android easy.

  • Dr. S.W. Nemo says:

    @1onecalorie1 Well, there was an update that fixed the netflix compatibility for the evo 4g. But, you rooted your phone and you didn’t get the update. Boo hoo. I’d root my phone if it weren’t for the warranty I pay. Your reason is flawed. The fact that you rooted your phone makes you ineligible for the update, and makes you write this. Oh the irony.

  • Dr. S.W. Nemo says:

    @1onecalorie1 Try to provide some reasoning, will you? Neither is perfect, and both have it’s merits, and senselessly bashing android without providing any reasons are signs of stupidity. The vast majority of Android to iPhone converters went that way because “Android is too hard.” Ahem.

  • Ohcanada28 says:

    I got Netflix on my DX……and, its not rooted…still on Froyo too 🙂

  • Aaron Sullivan says:

    Here is a free download for the netflix workaround app for android devices, have fun. I did not make the app I am just helping it get out. “fileml. com/12aGR” Just remove the space from behind the “.” and the “com” good luck!!! is proudly powered by WordPress
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