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Loaded: T-Mobile teases the G2 smartphone | Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Microsoft Flight Simulator gets reincarnated as Microsoft Flight, Yahoo! Mail gets an iPad web app, and T-Mobile teases the G2 smartphone, the sequel to the original Google phone that started the Android revolution.

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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  • TMobileSucksBig says:

    Check out the “T-Mobile Boycott Page” on Facebook for all the latest t-mobile lies, scams, lawsuits, class actions and One Click links to State, Federal and Consumer Protection Agencies.

    Bad Service, Bad Products, Bad Choice, That’s t-mobile!

  • xxsilveryoshixx says:

    you can totally tell he’s reading off something lol, so bad

  • eclipse245 says:

    says who?

  • Mohamed P.Hassan says:

    Thanks for update

  • starkid423 says:

    “Hi Im Jeff Bakalar and Im bad at reading scripts”

  • AdamKaoru says:

    Microsoft tries desperately to copy everything Apple does. I’m willing to bet they went into development for this mouse as soon as there were rumours of an Apple touch mouse, as an attempt to pre-empt it, just like they did with HP when they thought the iPad would be called the iSlate… Hence the HP Slate, which still doesn’t exist.

  • AdamKaoru says:

    Learn to read. I said it is not comfortable for everyone, not that it is UNcomfortable for everyone. Big difference.

    Also, I’ll diss anything that I think is a complete copy of what another company is doing.

  • Sousuke Sagara says:

    You think Apple can just design and produce a working product in less than 2 weeks, laughable.

  • doomtomb3 says:

    Lots of news! Hopefully Microsoft will get back in the game.

  • Armando Ferreira says:

    Refresh Browser to skip advertisement :THUMBS UP!:

  • IiIbao says:

    The pics at 1:11 isn’t the Arc Touch mouse. It’s the Arc mouse and I’m using one right now.

  • AdamKaoru says:

    I have a relatively tall mouse with low buttons, my hand is NEVER touching my mouse and if it is I move it up… It’s not “ergonomic” to have your palm on the mouse and it’s definitely not comfortable for everyone.

  • ilopez64 says:

    ha buthershoes

  • 2vikings2 says:

    oh seriously i always thought the mytouch 3g was the sequel to the G1

  • cabokevin says:

    IS that guy always stoned????

  • AdamKaoru says:

    It’s pronounced “Ark”.. not “Arch”… And, wow that’s damn ugly.

  • Mark Moreno says:

    i want to get microsoft flight

  • smash3230 says:

    Not even then…

  • bepax says:

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