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Loaded: The Sony PSP phone | Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Users of the iPhone and iPad get a software update, Google has an Android announcement later today, and Sony Ericsson is rumored to be readying an Android gaming phone similar to the PSP.

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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  • saphi20 says:

    @mankindkn the console is dead, psp go wont be selling anymore, they are
    not producing it anymore, thats how psp is dead…and now they plan to
    release this shit?’? hahahah sony turned into a really big crab….
    stepping back and back… this CRAP wont beat nintendo 3DS, not even
    close… stupid sony LOL

  • kenwoynne2 says:

    this so nerdy lol!!

  • HmongYou2Tube says:

    @DynamiteXXXXXX Why not? Sony PSP is dying anyways. What will save them is
    to make a phone to compete with the iPhone. The PSP Go is a fail, so they
    better turn it into a phone at the least. Give the PSP Go phone
    capabilities, a touch screen, MicroSD and not M2, gaming capabilities to
    get your owned UMDS as free DLCs to your phone, wireless G or N, and you’re
    good to go. The keyboard they make would probably be on the touch screen
    considering people still want to game normally like a PSP.

  • AndreWarriorTaker says:

    @DynamiteXXXXXX Just keep your fucking psp in your pant’s and shut the fuck
    up and keep your shit.

  • Chino Escobedo says:

    @S69NER no they will kill ur phone

  • Rifkin777 says:

    @jhonsebastiantv Actually, your an “idiot bitch”, because Apple did not
    want Jailbreaking to be “LEGAL” Steve Jobs as the asshole he is, tried to
    make it “ILLEGAL” but obviously no one was going to have that dick tell you
    what you can and can’t do with your bought and owned iPhone. Furthermore,
    the update does indeed stop you from being able to put on free apps, which
    is basically “unjailbreaking”… Research before you say stupid shit. Tard.

  • ohfuhhk says:

    is it me or is this vid kinda blurry even in 720p,?

  • NOYPI .PINOY says:

    @bobkyleyou your an idiot bitch!! apple has confirmed that jailbreaking
    your iphones are now the thing you call LEGAL!!!

  • crashedata says:

    Anyone else notice he fails to let you know that if you do update, this
    update will lock your phone again, and you wont be able to jailbreak it
    again? Can you say Apple kiss ass?

  • crashedata says:

    @S69NER NO! This update re-locks the phone, and closes the exploit you used
    to jailbreak it in the first place. The phone cannot be jailbroken again
    after this (at least not for a few months until the DevTeam comes up with a
    new way of doing it.)

  • Eric P says:

    bring back that ugly white dude, I can’t pay attention with all Mark’s
    hotness on the screen

  • Adam Watts says:

    OOOOh! my GOD!, A PSP Go Phone, you have got to be kidding me, that’s
    Really Cool!,

  • gram1615 says:

    @S69NER just back up your stuff and u should be golden

  • bllrght says:

    Loaded needs to be filmed later! This is the reason they began making to
    episodes for each day, but that was confusing and still didn’t solve the

  • monster12348 says:

    @alexmeanberg pregnant.

  • tococrazy123 says:

    @S69NER first restore your phone then when iOS 4.0.2 comes out for iphone
    wait for red snow or another application to jailbreak your iphone

  • ozzytonygeezerbill says:

    @coolkidlu well it’s an epic phone and it can do 4G so I would say a damn
    good name for a phone.

  • Mensahwatts says:

    I think its ganna be coooooolish

  • cladimere says:

    dis guys ugly

  • Luis Gonzalez says:

    250for the epic 4g for that you can get a iphone 4 16 or add 50 and get the
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