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Loaded: The Sony PSP phone | Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Users of the iPhone and iPad get a software update, Google has an Android announcement later today, and Sony Ericsson is rumored to be readying an Android gaming phone similar to the PSP.

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Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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  • srspower says:

    i like the idea of a slide out propar game pad. One of the things that suck about smart phone gaming is that the directional pad is virtual and so quite shitty.

  • GiangA100 says:

    PSPhone not PSP Phone xD

  • Hyatice Lucari says:

    @godnothing666 If only it had two slide outs; a keyboard and a game
    controller. 🙂

  • segafan230 says:

    @godnothing666 now you have that+ 2analog sticks +more with ngp[psp2]

  • kingq101 says:

    1:34 to skip all the other crap

  • Ricardo Duarte says:

    thos two dots are optical anolog sticks on psp phone

  • ecuadorianeel says:

    PSP phone is a i-phone killer! The iphone has crappy games. I hope the PSP
    phone is available for Verizon. The top network with the top cell will be
    f$%ing GREAT!

  • windowsfan22 says:

    android + apple + sony + microsoft to create the worlds best game console

  • GlaDurDeaD says:

    @supermariolucas its not designed to compete with the 3ds

  • Prosik123 says:

    whats up man 🙂 2011 and where is my freaking psp phone ???

  • stepin2liquid1 says:

    i think he needs a tighter shirt

  • Hussain Murtaza says:

    @godnothing666 holy mama of sweet jesus

  • 2010gaje says:

    Psp Phone=ultimate phone game system of all time i’m soo getting this. GO

  • mani5901 says:

    @InfoAlliance likely at&t

  • abdul123r says:

    I just hope the psp phone looks really nice

  • mymarkis666 says:

    @mankindkn You’re right tbh, now I’m a bit scared to purchase the psp phone
    when it comes out :O. But atleast Sony isn’t as bad as Apple when it comes
    to new products. I wanted to get PSPGO but it was like $60 less than a PS3
    and I heard the software is real buggy.

  • Shrimp Nerd says:

    android + PlayStation= epic godlike device!

  • waleed ibrahim says:

    @fatcrewz making new products every year isn’t a smart thing to do,cuz they
    invest money in developing the product and it takes time to pay off
    regarding sales,i mean look at the ps3 and the price cut they had it
    boosted their sales,now imagine if they made an announcement about a new
    console,every one that thought of getting a ps3 will forget about it and
    save up 4 the newer console

  • nfshbfdh says:

    I would take the iPhone, simply because, i enjoy mine. If i had a Nokia, or
    Motorola flip phone, I would take the Sony in a heartbeat.

  • waleed ibrahim says:

    @saphi20 they r producing psps ,they only stopped producing dev. kits,and
    the games library is just getting started,this was the best year 4 the psp
    and i think 2011 will do the same,as for the 3DS,it didn’t impress me that
    much,most of the games r remakes which i can do without,and the price tag
    is a total turn-off,the graphics don’t look that much superior from the psp is proudly powered by WordPress
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