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They’re doing it again!!! | Posted on: Friday, September 30th, 2011

OCTOBER 1st, 2011

Four years ago a car dealer in western Missouri made International news when he decided to start giving away firearms as a promotional tool. The result of this promotion was astounding, the phones rang off the hook for a couple months and cars flew off the lot.

The first year was amazing and no one thought it could get any bigger, but the next year he did an interview with CNN that skyrocketed the promotion and crashed their website for days. Over 60,000 people tried to hit their website in the first hour after this video segment aired. The video quickly went viral and before you know it he had the ATF showing up, banks canceling accounts, manufacturers threatening to pull his dealer agreement and the Missouri Department of Revenue making veiled threats.

Here’s the fun thing, there were tens of  thousands of people that sent their support and only a handful of common folks complaining.

Remember all those car dealers going out of business and the collapse of the entire automotive sales industry? While that was going on these guys were growing by leaps and bounds. They could hardly keep up with the sales demand. Generally speaking the public LOVED IT! If you haven’t seen the video then you should check it out.

ElGeeko is located in the same small town as this dealership, so we got to see the media frenzy first hand. There were news crews from Russia, Great Britain, the Middle East and places we didn’t even know existed. Well, they’re gearing up to run the promotion again and there are promises that this is going to be even bigger, but I bet you CNN doesn’t even  consider interviewing him again.

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Friday, September 30th, 2011
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