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Products designed for the Geek in all of us!

ThinkGeek sells some of the coolest geek toys.

These are just a few that caught ElGeeko’s eye.

Bucky Balls!!!

I wish I had a video of these handy right now. These are uber cool. They’re tiny magnetic balls that you can sculpt into all kinds of shapes.

Interactive T-Shirts banner

Interactive Shirts!

Q. What geek doesn’t want a shirt like one of those (Other than Steve Jobs)?

DIY - I Love You Bean

A Bean that says I love you

I have no idea if this really works, but I’m dying to give one to my wife. I wonder if she’d be mad if I gave her one for Christmas this year?

Handheld Nightvision Digital Video Camera

Night Vision Video Camera

Do I even need to explain why this is a cool geek gift?

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