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USB jailbreak for PlayStation 3 | Posted on: Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Trillian releases a beta of its Android app, FourSquare snags the most registrations after the launch of Facebook Places, and a hacker group offers a USB jailbreak for the PS3 for $150.

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Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
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  • SasserTube says:

    Games should be a lot cheaper.

  • TheScorpioTechno says:

    its fridayyyyyy, fridayyyyyy, everybody get down on fridayyyyyy
    !,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol jkz jkz. its Tuesday in Australia.. lol

  • OG1GTP says:

    now what u fucking hacking fags FUCK U FAGS GO HACK UR MOMS SEX CAM SHOW SO

  • iJAlLBREAK says:

    Download the 3.60 Jailbreak on my channel to give yourself something to do
    while PSN is down

  • Jake Smith says:

    you know psn is down for about 7 day now and i am fucking pisst of because
    of these hakers. I cant play LBP2 or Black ops i cant play DCUO because of

  • MILLSAWS says:

    Quit fuck use hack playstation3. I pay playstation3 cost alot of money. Why
    Hack doing for!! I hope PS3 will find hack person put in jail. Hack doing
    stupid use their sony company been shut down but I think Sony will check
    record for hack may caught someone I hope so!! I have not ps3 for 3 days

  • gunslingerJK says:

    @kieranravenhill REALLY?! come on u really expect people to buy that shit?!
    i guess people ARE idiotic morons who believe anything these days if they
    really believe that garbage on your website

  • OpTic Fanboy says:

    i’m going to buy that and get the map pack 4 black ops

  • yougotnopancakemix18 says:

    Or you hackers could just actually make some money like your supposed to so
    you can buy games.

  • Jake Leet says:


  • johnrafale2 says:

    Thumps down if you only watched for the Blackberry App World 2.0 lol

  • SwornReaper says:

    @farkas171 so far, i only know that there is a way to bypass the 3.60
    update, you can find it on here or on many websites, but in order to do
    that you need to restore or format the system (DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK). I
    have NOT tried it and i think i give up, it’s too risky, because you might
    brick your console.

  • farkas171 says:

    someknow know ehan a jailbreak for version 3.6 comes out ?

  • CivilisedHumanity says:

    @SwornReaper same here too found anyway to jailbreak it?

  • Drugan2011 says:

    its ment 2 b reli hard 2 jailbreak a ps3? lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • superjam18 says:

    @KaitlynnTolhurstsq i came to that basic truth when my friend told me that
    you have to pay in order to stay online using the Xbox360 console when the
    only bill is your original internet bill when using the PS3 console

  • taKkiK0S says:

    @thelilfck He is reading what he is saying. Bad host.

  • bnm850 says:

    best part 1:58

  • MysteriousNotes says:

    @MrSage360 That’s very right. You actually have thought very literate.

  • MrSage360 says:

    @sought84 hey, i agree. Except, i don’t hate hackers, because everyone has
    a purpose, some just do wrong and it’s sad, but, people rather steal then
    work for it honestly. The liar says well at least i don’t steal, the thief
    says well at least i kill, the killer says well at least i don’t rape
    women, the rapist says well at least i don’t rape children,Sadly bro, this
    is our society. it is what it is.. is proudly powered by WordPress
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