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What is Genesis? | Posted on: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The Genesis Project

Genesis is an open source beta project consisting of a child theme and a series of plugins designed to extend the RoloPress Contact Management theme for WordPress.

Click here for the Genesis Downloads

  • RoloPress, the contact manager theme for WordPress, got the ball rolling and has proven itself as an easy to work with framework that can be customized in an endless number of ways.
  • The Genesis Child Theme gives RoloPress a new look and adds a tabbed menu above the main content on the left.
  • The Genesis Toolbar PlugIn we’ve released gives you the ability to add a phone log, create tasks, status customers and even auto generate tasks based on certain criteria.
  • The Genesis Toolbar PlugIn also gives you the ability to print letters and send email templates, easily tag and categorize contacts, update status dates and access all of their notes and critical information right from the toolbar.
  • We’ve also built several other Genesis PlugIns including one that gives you the ability to add grouped custom fields and expand the contact exactly how you want. All custom fields can be tagged in letters and emails, giving you the ability to personalize your communications.
  • There’s also a lot of third-party PlugIns you can use to further extend WordPress into a full featured and completely customized open source CRM.


What’s WordPress?

  • WordPress is an open source php based application primarily used as a blogging application and a content management system. In a nutshell, it’s free software that controls content on a website.


What’s RoloPress?

  • RoloPress is a theme designed for WordPress that turns blog posts into contact records. The developers have created a strong framework that can be expanded by using the native PlugIn abilities in WordPress. It also allows you to create Child Themes that can be combined with PlugIns to create a customized contact management system.
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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
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