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WordPress Training Video 3 – Adding HTML to a Post or Page | Posted on: Friday, August 12th, 2011

Adding HTML code is an essential feature to use in the wordpress platform. This video walks through adding the code and shows the results of incorrectly added code.

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Friday, August 12th, 2011
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  • Alejandra Tokarz says:

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  • Umar Shareef says:

    Very nice video. Quick question – what about the head and body tags? I’m asking because I’m thinking of making a google maps app using their javascript api, and their example codes have the script tag mentioned in head I think.


  • Lipp L says:

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  • Tammy Wynn says:

    I’m in love with you!!! You saved my butt! This may be a little out of date but easy to figure out still… the html tab is now “text” and my widget didn’t show up on the “visual” but did on the website. Thank you!

  • amundy5 says:

    Thank you. My wordpress blog does not display HTML as an option. It only has visual and text option. Do I need to add HTML option? Or is the text option the same thing as HTML?

  • Jeffrey Rickard says:

    I am working as a web developer and I just recorded a series of video tutorials for the use of wordpress. WordPress developers say that this is the most extensive wordpress training ever. I have posted a link to this training on my channel. go to my channel and click on that link.

  • RainbowWarrior000 says:

    the text tab doesnt work as the HTML tab though

  • Allie Anderson says:

    yes…Another great video about advanced wordpress tutorials. Users will love your next video…

  • LinuxWill Rise says:

    it called text now the html tab is text tab

  • RedboxRecords says:

    I have no HTNL option in the new page?

  • John Geyer says:

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  • howtocreatewebsite says:

    Coding vid gold. Even so, not sure I can do it like you. Thanx!

  • Mastersun88 says:

    cool I am taking a web development class right now and I want to use what I learned so far on my wordpress website I think I can make a cool website using what I know.

  • rotormeeeeeeee says:

    Thanx! Very useful! is proudly powered by WordPress
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