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Loaded: AMD drops the ATI brand | Posted on: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Rumors suggest that Apple will unveil a significantly smaller iPod Nano sans a clickwheel, YouTube may get movie rentals, and AMD is nixing the ATI brand best known for its Radeon graphics chips.

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
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  • helloshayan says:

    best in higher prices for simular perfomance, ha lol

  • helloshayan says:

    ati only makes gpus not cpus:P

  • timmy9632 says:

    Don’t give a shit, it’s still ATI to me.

  • Kable451 says:

    Thats bullshit…NVidia is the Best!

  • mirceabmg says:

    oh man are you stupid or what? it will be from now on AMD Graphics, they we dropped only the ATi name, not all the product

  • HypnoticSuggestion says:

    Interesting comment, consider the new AMD ‘Bulldozer’ architecture will outperform Intel’s Core series, and likely the Xeon’s as well.
    Rather than one core processing two threads, two cores will double up on each thread, a 50% increase in throughput. Multiple cores will work threads simultaneously, two cores to a thread, and transparent to the OS, with components being shared. Imagine 8 cores working 4 threads, rather than 4 cores working 8 threads, think about it.

  • Roger L. Ortiz says:

    AMD = ATI -____- is proudly powered by WordPress
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