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Bill Gates on tablet, software modeling | Posted on: Friday, August 20th, 2010

Microsoft’s chairman talks with CNET’s Ina Fried about the role software modeling can play in complex challenges.

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Friday, August 20th, 2010
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  • IVgrandtheftauto says:

    a ferrari lol

  • Caleb Chandler says:

    So rich that he doesn’t even have to wear a seat belt.

  • Omar Carter says:

    someone else… Hes rich… he doesnt need to drive ne more lol

  • oscarfish48 says:

    whos driving?

  • Charles Hoskinson says:

    And shoots fireballs from his eyes……

  • gtagtagta3 says:


  • bmw2go11 says:

    lol 60+ thumbs-up on my comment and it’s not in the highest-ranked comments box ;P
    ow well, youtube still has a long way to go.. much like vista… erm.

  • kelenor says:

    what kind of car are they riding

  • alex tillom says:

    Apples the best

  • alex tillom says:

    Apples the best

  • phenixdragon9 says:

    @JesusRuelas92 Thats because you are looking at Bill Gates outside of work. Balmer acts the same inside work and outside. Bill Gates seems like really nice guy and a big push over. However, people that I have talked to (I live by MSFT) who have worked directly with BIll Gates and been in meetings with him all say he has a real nasty side. Swears a lot and rips people new butt holes when he is unhappy about their products.

  • MrMysterioGrim says:

    Bill… I thought you were smart, wear that seatbelt!

  • gvideos18 says:

    Aww look at you standing up to your boyfriend !!

  • Tripp393 says:

    @bmw2go11 Bill is function over form. You’re looking for Steve Jobs.

  • CJCA915 says:

    If this was shot on an iPhone 4, the camera needs a better auto-exposure.
    But most likely it was just a regular digital camera or camcorder.

  • Rajasic108 says:

    @pphheerroonn Bill doesn’t need to wear seatbelts. His car is crash-proof.
    It runs on the Google Chrome OS. No ‘blue screen of death’ for him.

  • chubz1337 says:

    that not bill gates, the real bill gates is 50ft tall and made of solid gold

  • AndrĂ© Cavalcante says:

    LOL. His talk about the importance of models for natural processes was so
    interesting. But the reporter came up with tablets from no where. FAIL.

  • JamesH005 says:

    Ina’s Friend: Hey Ina, what are you doing today? Ina: Nothing much. Just
    going on a car ride with Bill Gates. Ina’s Friend: O_O W-whaaaaaaaa!?

  • Tuberriffic says:

    can we say awkward at the abrupt ending? guess Bill had enough by the
    expression on his face! LOL is proudly powered by WordPress
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